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3 Qualities Your Medical Practice Team Should Have

As a medical practice manager, you work with a diverse set of professionals, from permanent physicians and other clinicians on staff to locum tenens providers and clerical personnel. Some of your team may have recently entered the workforce while others could be looking to retire within the next few years. Blending each skill set and distinct personality is important. Each professional probably has a preferred workflow and method for communication.

With so many moving parts, managing group dynamics can be challenging. However, successfully fostering a dream team helps you better satisfy the needs of your business, from maximizing revenue to delivering quality patient care. Each of these goals can be accomplished by concentrating on three key areas:

  1. A clear mission

Outline your practice’s vision and recurrently share it with the members of your team. It may seem like a simple act, but defining your mutual objective provides clarity and ensures everyone grasps what you want to achieve as an organization. In addition, it will give you a chance to underscore the importance each role plays in the success of your practice, which will go a long way toward promoting collaboration and making each member of your staff feel valued.

  1. Communication

To develop and maintain strong relationships, effective communication is essential. Establish an authentic connection with each member of your team by letting them know how much you appreciate their contributions and demonstrating you care about them.

You may find it beneficial to schedule regular team meetings as well as one-on-ones to answer questions and discuss any concerns and/or issues that arise. Moreover, remain available to provide support whenever it is needed. When a member of your practice team speaks with you, whether it is about a problem or an idea for a new process, listen carefully to ensure you have a thorough understanding of what is being relayed. If you need clarification, ask for it. When you communicate vital information, make certain each member of your team comprehends the message by encouraging feedback and a candid exchange.

  1. Transparency

Being open and honest with everyone on your practice team is a good policy because it is the best way to handle any relationship. For example, if changes are imminent, hold a team meeting to update everyone at the same time on what will be taking place and what they can expect going forward. Letting everyone be in the know develops trust. By maintaining a policy of transparency, your practice gains a great deal in terms of loyalty, unity, and performance.

A solid foundation

While there is no magic bullet for cultivating the ideal team, affording a clear practice vision, effective two-way communication, and transparency creates a solid foundation for your healthcare organization’s growth and success.

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