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4 Tech Trends to Tap Into

As the healthcare landscape shifts toward value-based care and embraces pricing transparency, it’s imperative for facility leaders to keep up with the best tools to enhance patient care. Technology has helped make a variety of innovative moves, each one propelling new, positive changes in the field.

Today, we rounded up four important articles highlighting tech trends worth tapping into.

  1. 5G technology is being harnessed to improve outcomes, including the accessibility of telesurgery services. In fact, the VA is set to open a fully 5G-enabled hospital in California, which allows physicians to consult across the country during important procedures.
  2. Seeking an explanation of billing for telehealth? HealthcareITNews shares a guide from the Center for Connected Health Policy to clarify telehealth services and billing for their services.
  3. HealthTech Magazine reports on an important technology helping medical students. Virtual reality is becoming immersed in the healthcare world, specifically, in surgical training to help prepare surgeons for the environment and help them improve their technical skills.
  4. According to an article from HealthTech Magazine, telemedicine is starting to aid transportation for cardiac rehab patients in a branch of telehealth called “telecardiology.” Telemedicine’s core function is to help increase access across rural areas or for patients who struggle with transportation. With a simple application, patients can participate in cardiac rehab.

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