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5 Reasons to Work with a Locum Tenens Firm That Also Offers Permanent Placement Services

Locum tenens staffing firms are undeniably helpful in meeting unexpected or temporary staffing needs, but many of these firms also offer permanent placement services. There are several advantages to working with a firm that provides both.

Finding the right fit. Locums assignments are a unique opportunity to observe an employment candidate at work without having to commit to full-time employment. Locums work can essentially be viewed as a trial run, and assignments often lead to permanent employment.

Receiving full-service assistance. A staffing firm can do more than fill coverage gaps when physicians are absent for illness, maternity leave, continuing education requirements or other reasons. Finding the right permanent employee is pivotal for any business, and the right staffing firm can fill both temporary and permanent needs.

Recognizing the value of staffing firms. The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations estimates that three quarters of hospitals now use locum tenens physicians to supplement their permanent staff. As the practice becomes more accepted and appreciated, the pool of desirable and qualified candidates is expanding. There are simply better candidates than there were 20 years ago.

Getting it right the first time. Staffing firms vet candidates, review credentials, speak with references, review licensing requirements, and put in the time to present your facility with serious, viable candidates for either temporary or permanent positions.

Focusing on the right things. It is the full-time priority of a staffing firm to recruit and place personnel with facilities. Leaving those issues to a staffing firm to handle enables your facility to focus on its most important priority: patient care.

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