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5 Ways to Celebrate NP Week at Your Hospital, Medical Practice

National Nurse Practitioner (NP) Week—which provides opportunities for healthcare leaders and co-workers to formally recognize practicing NPs and their important contributions to medicine—officially began Sunday, November 10. As a hospital executive or practice manager, you have likely put something in place to show your NPs how much you value their dedication to and delivery of quality care.

However, if you have yet to finalize NP Week plans or are seeking more ways to demonstrate your gratitude to providers in the NP role at your healthcare organization, read on. These suggestions do not require much in the way of advanced planning or time. Moreover, they can be tailored to fit your budget.

  1. Personal note of thanks. A simple, genuine “thank you for your hard work and all that you do” is often the most treasured gift of all. It could be conveyed in a handwritten gesture or in person. Consider making note cards available, too, for staff who would like to express their gratitude in a tangible form. And encourage fellow leaders at your healthcare organization, as well as other members of staff, to wish a “Happy NP Week” to their NP colleagues.
  2. A special breakfast in NPs’ honor. Bring in items such as bagels, muffins, spreads, and fruit. Staff may want to contribute to the festivities, too, with homemade treats, juice, or other items. If organizing something for the first meal of the day isn’t possible or practical, perhaps you could arrange to have a potluck meal at a better time and invite everyone (except the honorees, of course) to make or pick up a side dish, healthy snack, or other refreshments.
  3. Small tokens of appreciation/useful gifts. They present a nice way to acknowledge a special week, and they don’t have to be expensive. A variety of great, everyday gifts—from mugs, to flowers, to portable smartphone battery chargers—can be purchased for under $20.
  4. A 15-minute chair massage. Consider organizing a visit from a licensed massage therapist. Often, the companies that offer this service present alternatives to make it easier to find one that best suits your budget. The firm supplies the necessary equipment, and your NPs will leave the chair feeling refreshed. Providing a mobile car wash service or dry cleaning drop off and delivery are also excellent ways to pamper your NPs.
  5. Social shout-outs. Speak with the person who manages your healthcare organization’s social media accounts about adding “#NPWeek” to social site posts until November 17 to mark this celebratory week. In addition, ask him/her to consider sharing posts from reputable organizations and companies providing NP Week information and tips. And if your organization has a blog, you could publish a post that covers NP Week celebrations at your facility or practice.

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