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5 Ways to Provide Quality Care to High-Need, High-Cost Patients

As any good hospital leader or physician knows, it’s important to strive for optimal patient care. A hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, conducted “red flag” reports to measure patient care post-discharge and improve engagement. The results were surprising. About 64 patients a month didn’t make a follow-up appointment due to a variety of reasons, including lack of transportation and/or communication.

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Enhance Healthcare with a High Social Media IQ

Although the medical field consistently embraces technology, many healthcare leaders and physicians are either hesitant or refuse to use social media. Some are not savvy with online communication, and others are reluctant because they don’t see any benefit in the time invested. However, these platforms can generate a significant return on investment for healthcare professionals who establish a strategic online presence. Read on to discover how developing a high social media IQ can humanize healthcare and positively impact your hospital or health system.

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Find Success in South Hill, Virgina

Nestled amid rolling hills and recreational lakes, South Hill, Virginia, is close to Interstate 85, providing easy access to metropolitan cities, the mountains, or beaches. With over 1,150 miles of shoreline, the area is perfect for experiencing beautiful views and a variety of recreational activities. Residents appreciate a relaxed lifestyle enhanced by convenient traveling distance to some of Virginia’s most notable attractions.


3 Tips to Assist Healthcare Transparency for Patients

As healthcare transitions to a more consumer-based decision, lack of price transparency is one of the top challenges facing patients. Approximately 66 percent of consumers have never talked to their providers about the cost of a visit, and 60 percent have never discussed the price of a procedure. So, how can they make informed decisions without all the facts?

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3 Ways for Physicians to Sustain a More Active Lifestyle

Physicians are stressed. They work long hours and rapidly become inundated with additional responsibilities and paperwork. Although burnout plagues many physicians, maintaining an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to combat this condition. Unfortunately, with the nature of their work and demanding schedules, physicians may find it challenging to include exercise in a daily (or even weekly) regimen.

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Healthcare Leaders: Is It Time to Rebrand?

Branding encompasses much more than just a hospital’s logo and digital presence. It also weaves together the hospital’s message and mission statement. If your hospital or health system’s branding does not resonate with either the community’s needs or the leadership team’s strategic goals, you may wish to consider rebranding. A rebrand involves taking the existing brand and altering its message or appearance to better connect with the organization and community.

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Take it to Tallahassee

Tallahassee, Florida’s vibrant capital, offers a mix of downtown energy and natural adventure. This “college-town cocktail” is a perfect blend of culture, performing arts, history, and nature that pleases residents and visitors alike. Tallahassee is rich with innovation and higher education, offering many opportunities for personal and professional growth—sprinkled with the perfect touch of Southern charm!

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4 Reminders for Healthcare Leaders During National Hospital Week

Optimum Permanent Placement Services is pleased to recognize the contributions of our country’s hospitals and health systems as well as the dedicated individuals—from physicians and nurse practitioners to administrators and volunteers—who devote their lives to providing their communities with quality care and service. In keeping with Hoover’s sentiments, we urge others to do so, too.

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How a Negative Review Could Shape Your Strategic Plan

Healthcare is becoming a consumer-based purchase for patients. Since their financial responsibility is increasing rapidly, many patients are shopping around, becoming more interested in the cost of their care, and independently navigating through health system and provider brands.

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5 Simple Ways to Combat Stress and Physician Burnout

“Burnout,” a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion, plagues medical professionals worldwide. According to Medscape’s 2018 National Physician Burnout & Depression Report, 42 percent of physician respondents experience burnout. Unfortunately, this high level of stress often begins in medical school, intensifying as a physician’s career progresses.