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Reading Beyond the CV: 5 Qualities to Consider

For healthcare leaders, the emphasis on hard skills is natural, especially when you’re hiring a permanent provider to join your existing team. An effective integration also depends on “soft skills,” emotional intelligence, social interactions, and overall attitude. In today’s post, we explore some of the top soft skills that help physicians blend with the rest of your team and keep your patients happy.

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When Patients Instigate Testing

People are often told not to Google their symptoms; the internet can be a scary place. However, patients can buy a quick kit online to discover varying degrees of genetic information—some accurate, some not. Although direct-to-consumer genetic tests increase patient engagement, they do have medical limitations. Physicians and other medical providers have the responsibility to listen, help interpret results, and educate their patients.

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3 Qualities Your Medical Practice Team Should Have

As a medical practice manager, you work with a diverse set of professionals, from permanent physicians and other clinicians on staff to locum tenens providers and clerical personnel. Some of your team may have recently entered the workforce while others could be looking to retire within the next few years. Blending each skill set and distinct personality is important. Each professional probably has a preferred workflow and method for communication.


Find Opportunity in Findlay, Ohio

Featuring a vibrant atmosphere and top-notch, collegial medical staff, this stunning town is the perfect place to search for permanent assignments. Optimum Permanent Placement happens to have a current opportunity in Findlay. So, we’ve compiled a list of best restaurants and attractions for you to explore when you visit the area! Read on to check them out.

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Four Rs: Your Resource for Effective Change Management

According to Tim Durkin, a leadership and change management consultant and owner of Seneca Leadership Programs, there are four steps to effectively managing change in any organization. Durkin conveniently names each step with words beginning with the letter “r.” To adopt a new culture or initiative, everyone must get on board. For hospital executives to effectively lead change with their staff behind them, they should consider the following items.


14 Best Podcasts for Medical Professionals

Doctors walk a tight rope, balancing their personal obligations in addition to caring for patients. Sometimes, it’s hard to find spare time to focus on continuing medical education and staying current on the latest industry news. Thankfully, podcasts provide a convenient, portable way for medical professionals to absorb new information. Read on to discover 14 great podcasts for doctors to listen to in the car, during a workout, or while cooking dinner.

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15 Online Resources for Healthcare Administrators

As a healthcare leader, you’re responsible for managing business practices, such as conducting budget and compensation assessments, overseeing policy development, and implementing marketing strategies. Additionally, you monitor your facility’s clinical operations, ranging from hiring and scheduling staff members to coordinating locum tenens staffing services.

Jackson, MS

Journey to Jackson, Mississippi

Mississippi’s largest city unites history and hospitality. Fondly nicknamed the “City with Soul,” Jackson has rich roots and brimming possibilities that are attractive to tourists and residents alike. With three cultural districts, a plethora of performing arts space, and a vibrant night life, Jackson offers innumerable opportunities for fun!

Computer hacker

5 Ways to Combat Cyberthreats

Hackers don’t limit themselves to attacking personal computers and financial companies; they breach healthcare systems and facilities, too. Unfortunately, they are motivated to obtain credit card information, Social Security numbers, banking information, and birthdates. In their 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Report, IBM and the Ponemon Institute found that healthcare data breaches cost an average of $408 per record, the highest of any industry and nearly three times higher than the cross-industry average of $148 per record!

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8 Reminders for Perfectly Packaging Your CV

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression. To make the best impression, you need to regularly review and revise your curriculum vitae (“course of life” in Latin and commonly referred to as a CV), which often serves as your initial introduction to staffing companies and facility representatives. This exercise is particularly beneficial if you are a physician seeking new professional experiences.