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The Increasing Demand for Mental Health Talent

In a recent state of the market survey conducted by Medicus Healthcare Solutions, about 40 percent of hospital leaders indicated that psychiatry would be the in-demand specialty over the next 6-12 months. When reflecting back over the last 12 months, it is easy to see why this will likely be the case.


The Cybersecurity Crisis in Healthcare

In healthcare, hiring qualified cybersecurity professionals is critical to a sound, holistic business strategy in 2021 and beyond. Investing in cybersecurity will not only help with present-day threat prevention but it will have lasting positive impacts on a healthcare organization’s long-term success. Simply put, we have reached a moment in time where cybersecurity is no longer an IT elective – it is an imperative.

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3 Practices to Increase Patient Safety

Providing quality healthcare is extremely important, especially when it comes to maintaining the safety of patients. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), World Patient Safety Day is intended to increase public awareness and boost overall patient safety. This year, World Patient Safety Day falls on September 17th, marking it as the third annual year. This date gives an important reminder for hospitals to focus on and improve patient safety. We’ve outlined three recommendations to help ensure that patients are receiving high-quality, safe care at your healthcare facility.

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Tips on how to Balance a Healthy Lifestyle While Working in the Healthcare Field

Are you looking for easy ways to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle while working a full-time healthcare job? Here are four simple tips you can incorporate into your daily routine that will make sure you are prioritizing your mental and physical health each day.

Attracting top talent

Attracting Top Talent

Recruiting top talent at your medical facility can be challenging, especially in a highly competitive job market. While seeking the best candidate for the job, you must also fill scheduling gaps, keep operations running smoothly, and meet overall revenue objectives. Implementing actionable recruitment strategies can help you attract and hire top talent while standing out from the competition.  Here are five easy ways you can boost your hiring strategy and curtail turnover within your organization.

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Health and Family Is in Her Hands: Support Working Mothers in Your Healthcare Facility

It’s no secret that being a mom is a tough job on its own. Working moms are an entirely different type of superhero! Did you know that at least 76% of the healthcare workforce consists of women, many of which are mothers? That’s more than ¾ of all healthcare workers. Here is a collection of tips you can easily incorporate at your facility to support the hard-working moms on your team.  

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10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health if not properly treated. In honor of Stress Awareness Month, this blog is dedicated to stressing less and enjoying our personal and professional life a little more!

Is Telehealth the New Normal?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, overall Telehealth adoption in the United States was slow. Overnight, our healthcare landscape shifted, and new regulations were executed. To close the gaps in care and abide by social distancing regulations, communities turned to Telehealth resources for care support.

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10 Ways to Celebrate Doctors’ Day at Your Facility or Practice

National Doctors’ Day, celebrated on March 30th, is just around the corner. Given the past year, it is more important than ever to recognize physicians for their hard work and dedication to your organization and their community. If you have not yet firmed up your Doctors’ Day festivities, take heart. You can implement many of the following suggestions quickly and easily, and there is something to fit everyone’s budget and bandwidth. Even if your agenda for the day has been set, some of these ideas are straightforward and fun; you may opt to add them to your existing plans.

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5 Simple Steps for Healthcare Leaders to Successfully ‘Turn Off’

As a healthcare executive, you are responsible for day-to-day operations at your hospital, health system, practice, or clinic, ensuring each department functions efficiently on its own and jointly with others. Because you oversee matters key to your organization’s success—from hiring permanent staff to developing programs and planning budgets—disengaging from your job when the workday ends can be difficult.