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3 Areas in Healthcare Where AI Could Cut Administrative Costs

The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) was coined in 1956 by a computer scientist who was part of the first academic conference on the subject. Still, while it has been around for decades, the phrase—along with “machine learning” (ML), an approach used to achieve AI—has permeated many aspects of everyday life in recent years. Voice-enabled devices such as Amazon’s Echo, email spam filters, and mobile check deposits are just a few examples of the way this technology has changed our world.

How Medical Practices Can Increase Patient Referrals

Developing a strategy to foster referrals is one of the best approaches for growing your patient base. In addition, it is typically one of the least expensive, most manageable things you can do to promote your practice. Read on for several suggestions that can help you gain new patients with a little assistance from those you currently treat.

Strategies for Decreasing Patient No-Shows at Your Facility or Practice

People fail to show up for appointments for a variety of reasons, including lack of transportation, the desire to avoid long wait times, poor medical literacy, and language barriers. Then there are those who admit to missing an appointment because they forgot they made it in the first place. Yet, no matter the rationalization, people who skip scheduled time with a medical provider not only sacrifice needed care, but also cause their clinician’s practice or facility to lose revenue.

5 Tips to Help Healthcare Leaders ‘Turn Off’ at the End of the Day

As a healthcare executive, you are responsible for day-to-day operations at your hospital, health system, practice, or clinic, ensuring each department functions efficiently on its own and jointly with others. Because you oversee matters key to your organization’s success—from hiring permanent staff to developing programs and planning budgets—disengaging from your job when the workday ends can be difficult.

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