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How to Boost Operations and Revenue at Your Medical Practice

Rose Wagner, vice president of the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), recently highlighted several things medical practice executives can do to improve their organization’s revenue and performance, as reported last week by Healthcare Finance reports. Wagner’s recommendations can benefit different types of practice settings, from private solo practices, to partnerships, to hospital-run practices and multi-specialty groups owned by health systems. Read on to learn these helpful strategies and how to apply them at your practice.

10 Facts About the ACS Verification Process for Trauma Centers

Previously, we furnished administrators and other hospital leaders interested in obtaining ACS (American College of Surgeons) verification—and evaluating and improving trauma care at their facilities—with an overview of the ACS verification, review, and consultation process. Today, we are pleased to provide further information, from duration of certificate validity to the number of trauma centers that have acquired ACS verification thus far, as shared by Dan Hamilton, public information associate for the association.

3 Things Healthcare Leaders Can Do to Avoid Holiday Burnout

‘Tis the season to be jolly. After all, December is a month of multicultural celebrations, from Christmas and Hanukkah to Kwanzaa and New Year’s Eve. Many of us look forward to spending time with family and friends, planning celebratory meals, hosting get-togethers, decorating our homes, and shopping for the perfect gifts. And while these occasions can bring much joy, they also can leave a number of us feeling more than a little overwhelmed.