Binghamton, NY

Best of Binghamton: Top 10 Spots

Binghamton, New York, combines family-friendly fun with a playground of possibilities for medical professionals. No matter your preference for hobbies, you’ll find it in this lively city. And, Optimum Permanent Placement happens to have a current medical position available. When you visit the area to explore relocation, visit one of the restaurants or attractions on our “top 10” list!

A Nurse Practitioner

5 Ways to Celebrate NP Week at Your Hospital, Medical Practice

National Nurse Practitioner (NP) Week—which provides opportunities for healthcare leaders and co-workers to formally recognize practicing NPs and their important contributions to medicine—officially began Sunday, November 10. As a hospital executive or practice manager, you have likely put something in place to show your NPs how much you value their dedication to and delivery of quality care.

x ray

Fast Facts for International Day of Radiology

On November 8, 1895, German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen captured the very first x-ray picture. Today, we’d like to celebrate with the rest of the world and help promote radiology’s unique contributions to modern medicine. Please enjoy the following “fast facts” honoring unique pieces of the specialty’s timeline and highlighting a few of its most significant milestones.

person touching tablet

How’s Your Digital Front Door Strategy?

You might be familiar with the buzzword “digital front door,” but what does that phrase really mean? It’s your strategy for engaging each touchpoint of your patients’ online user experience with the technology they already use. Instead of relying on one vehicle for communication, a strong digital front door strategy capitalizes on a variety of technology points to drive patient satisfaction and increase revenue.

boston view

New Beginnings in Boston, MA

Boston is unique for its energy and pride. Brimming with rich American Revolution history, featuring award-winning restaurants, and offering top-notch cultural attractions, the Massachusetts capital is worth much more than a quick visit. Oh, and did we mention there’s a current position available through Optimum Permanent Placement?

doctor shaking hands

7 Ways to Acclimate a New Provider

When you’re welcoming a new permanent staff member, you want to ensure your new clinician feels welcome, comfortable, and prepared. This can help acclimate the new provider to your facility and sets him or her up for a wonderful transition to your team. Read on to discover seven steps that help make a provider’s introduction to your medical practice or facility a positive experience.

Family hiking

4 Ways to Balance Parenthood as a Physician

Coordinating sports practices, appointments, and after-school care can cause a lot of stress for working mothers and fathers and perhaps even more so for doctors with demanding schedules. So, how can you remain both a successful physician and an attentive parent? Read on to discover a few quick tips for balancing your time in the medical world and your home.

anesthesiologist administering anesthesia

Fast Facts for World Anesthesia Day

Today, we’re recognizing World Anesthesia Day, a celebration of one of the most integral breakthroughs of medical history: the first successful use of ether anesthesia. We’d like to honor anesthesiologists for their significant contribution to medicine and the specialty for its incredible advancements. Today, we’ve compiled some fast facts to highlight a few of the most significant milestones on this timeline.

hand with stethoscope

3 Ways to Promote a Culture of Trust and Respect

Healthcare encompasses more than just the skills of each physician. At its core, your facility is taking care of other people; this philosophy starts from the top of your organization and trickles down. Fostering a positive culture among your staff is integral to improving patient care. In today’s post, we address three key characteristics needed to create a positive culture.

PA with elderly patient

National PA Week 2019

In honor of National PA Week (October 6 – 12), we are pleased to highlight a number of meaningful statistics provided in an annual report from the National Commission of Certification of Physician Assistants.