Healthcare Facility Newsletters | Optimum Permanent Placement Services

Perm Record: Q1 | 2020

A guide to lasting placements and organizational success for healthcare leaders.

Perm Record: Q4 | 2019

3 Tips to Assist Healthcare Transparency for Patients, 7 Ways to Acclimate a New Provider, and more.

Perm Record: Q3 | 2019

Have You Optimized Patient Flow at Your Facility? 5 Ways to Combat Cyberthreats, and more.

Perm Record: Q2 | 2019

Enhance Healthcare with a High Social Media IQ, How Rural Hospitals and Practices Can Attract Physicians, and more.

Perm Record: Q1 | 2019

4 Ways Healthcare Leaders Can Honor National Doctors’ Day, The Top 3 ‘Don’ts’ of Healthcare Leadership, and more.

Perm Record: Q4 | 2018

3 Reasons a Permanent Staffing Agency is Your Advocate, 4 Things Healthcare Leaders Can Do to Avoid Holiday Burnout, and more.

Perm Record: Q3 | 2018

How to Advance Your Healthcare Organization’s Hiring Strategy, 3 Areas in Healthcare Where AI Could Cut Administrative Costs, and more.

Perm Record: Q2 | 2018

Strategies for Decreasing Patient No-shows at your Facility or Practice, 5 Ways Hospital Leaders Can Address Financial Challenges, and more.