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4 Tech Trends to Tap Into

As the healthcare landscape shifts toward value-based care and embraces pricing transparency, it’s imperative for facility leaders to keep up with the best tools to enhance patient care. Technology has helped make a variety of innovative moves, each one propelling new, positive changes in the field. Today, we have rounded up four important articles highlighting tech trends worth tapping into.

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Honoring Hospitalists, Our Innovative Physicians

In 1996, the term “hospitalist,” defined as an inpatient physician who coordinates care for hospitalized patients, appeared for the first time in the New England Journal of Medicine. Since then, hospitalist has swiftly become the fastest-growing medical specialty, and hospitalists have made significant contributions to the everchanging healthcare landscape.

White Mountains, NH

10 Things to Love About Lebanon, NH

New Hampshire has consistently been ranked as one of the best places to live and work in the United States. With no income or sales tax, this state, and Lebanon in particular, offers the added benefits of being a beautiful area that combines history, industry, and business. Oh, and did we mention there’s a current position available through Optimum Permanent Placement?

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4 Ways VR will Enhance Medicine in 2020

Although virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are buzzwords associated with video games, they are becoming a game-changer in healthcare. Many hospitals and health systems are still finding ways to incorporate VR into their programs; this immersive technology’s capabilities seem almost limitless. So, what are we looking forward to most in 2020? In today’s post, we have highlighted four ways that VR will enhance medicine this year.

Bucks County

10 Reasons We’re Sold on Sellersville, PA

Nestled in Bucks County in Pennsylvania, Sellersville is conveniently located 25 miles from the city of Philadelphia and just 75 miles from New York City. Residents receive the benefit of living in quiet, safe neighborhoods with city amenities just a quick day trip away. If you’re hoping to relocate to the perfect combination of delightful downtowns and charming countryside, Sellersville should be on your list. No matter your preference for hobbies, you’ll find it in Bucks County! And, Optimum Permanent Placement happens to have a current medical position available.

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Fast Facts for National Women Physicians Day

Do you know the significance of the name Elizabeth Blackwell? In 1849, she became the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States, paving the way for a number of additional wins for female physicians. Medicine is a field that has seen incredible advancements and innovation, both technologically and culturally. Today, we are pleased to pay tribute to this particularly significant milestone for both women and the physician workforce.

Vermont Mountains

Breathtaking Brattleboro: 10 Must-Sees

In addition to Brattleboro’s beautiful scenery and flourishing downtown, Optimum Permanent Placement happens to have a current medical position available here. When you explore the area (and, hopefully, consider relocation), be sure to check out one of the restaurants or attractions from the “top 10” list.

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3 Hidden Ways Telemedicine Creates ROI

Telemedicine expands access to healthcare and increases convenience for patients, especially in rural areas. Although video/webcam technology, text messaging, and other tech-related tools have grown in use over the past few years, it’s important to ensure that you’re covering your costs when offering these options. So, what should you be considering as your ROI? Each hospital’s needs and resources differ, but there could be some benefits you’re overlooking. Read on to discover three less obvious ways your facility can maximize the advantages of using this technology.

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3 Ideas to Promote National CRNA Week at Your Facility

National Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) Week kicks off this Sunday,  January 19. It is a time to formally honor and express gratitude to the CRNAs who practice at your hospital, practice, health system, or clinic.

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Permanent Placement Interview Tips for Residents

Medical training is a long, grueling process filled with highs and lows. Despite your best preparation, it’s common to feel slightly anxious about seeking a position post-residency. The interview process can certainly be daunting. We asked a top recruiter, Cory Woods, to share some of his insight.