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How Healthcare Executives Can Advance Their Organization’s Hiring Strategy

When you need to hire a physician, nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA), or CRNA for your healthcare organization, time is of the essence. While seeking the best candidate for the job, you also must keep operations running smoothly and without interruption.

How can you better focus on attracting and retaining the cream of the crop while also ensuring the continuity of quality care and meeting revenue objectives at your facility, practice, or health system? Read on for several suggestions on tweaking your hiring strategy and curtailing turnover within your organization.

Write a more effective job description

Highlight your organization’s culture and values as well as what a candidate could expect if he or she were part of your team. Make it compelling and be specific about the schedule as well as the required responsibilities and skills. For instance, if the position involves weekends or call, include that information in the listing.

You can further hone the accuracy of a job description by reviewing it with the clinician currently in the role and/or someone who recently held it. This process is useful in eliminating redundancies and capturing essential data not provided in the previous listing.

Lastly, proofread the revised job description carefully and enlist a second set of eyes to review it, too, to ensure it reads well and is free from typos and other errors.

Publish the job listing as quickly as possible

Once you have thoroughly reviewed, refined, and finalized the description, upload the job posting to the career page of your organization’s website. You may opt to post the vacancy on job boards and third-party sites, as well, to extend your reach. Even after a job posting goes live, take a few minutes to give it a good once-over to ensure it is correctly displayed.

Seek referrals from your staff

Employees are a great resource and may know a physician, NP, PA, or CNRA who would be a perfect fit for your hospital, clinic, or practice. Moreover, they are bound to have excellent connections who are not actively seeking a new job but could be interested in the opportunity when they hear about it.

Make sure your staff is aware of your search. In addition, consider offering a referral bonus. It is a great incentive and you set the parameters. For example, one qualifying factor could be that the referring employee receives the bonus only after the new hire has remained with your healthcare organization for a predetermined period.

Hire from within, if possible

The right person for the job might be a current employee. To be certain you make the best decision for your organization, as well as for the potential candidate, follow the same process you use when evaluating external applicants. If a member of your internal staff is qualified, a good culture fit, and interested in the position, it could be a win-win situation.

Seek assistance from a reputable firm that provides permanent placement services

Working with a reliable company that offers permanent staffing solutions will bolster your recruitment strategy. In addition to your efforts and/or those of an internal talent and acquisition team, you will have the support of experienced recruitment specialists dedicated to identifying and qualifying candidates with the highest standards based on your criteria.

Move with a sense of urgency

Exceptional candidates are in demand and bound to be snapped up quickly. As cover letters and curricula vitae begin to fill your inbox, review them in a timely fashion to establish which clinicians could be the ideal match. Then, swiftly enter the interview process.

The above tips can help you hire well and improve your search for top talent. Contact Optimum Permanent Placement Services at 603.288.1673 for assistance with your permanent staffing needs and read our blog for helpful information and insights.