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How Rural Hospitals and Practices Can Attract Physicians

With the impending physician shortage and current staffing challenges, it’s tough for facilities and health systems throughout the country to recruit well-trained providers. The issue is most acute in rural and underserved communities.

As of June 2018, there were more than 7,200 designated Health Professional Shortage Areas lacking adequate primary care nationwide, areas that are home to 85.5 million people. Of those areas, nearly 60 percent were in rural regions, and the nation needed 4,022 rural doctors to close the gap.

If you’re a manager or administrator at a rural hospital or practice, you’re likely all too familiar with the difficulties in attracting and retaining qualified clinicians. Physicians are already in demand, and you must compete with your urban and suburban counterparts for top talent. So, how can you better ensure clinicians accept a job offer?

Utilizing the four suggestions in this post can help you attract more candidates and improve the hiring process at your rural healthcare organization:

  1. Cast a positive light on your organization. Play up your strengths by accentuating the various benefits a candidate can expect if he or she accepts a position at your facility or practice, such as favorable call arrangements, an excellent organizational culture, and attractive compensation.
  2. Put your area’s best foot forward. Highlight your community’s notable qualities, from the best restaurants and opportunities for recreational or leisure pursuits to strong educational systems and a lower cost of living. If larger cities are nearby, mention that, too, as well as some must-see local attractions. Finally, promote the cultural and historic gems that are in your backyard or located in local communities.
  3. Tap into your internal resources. Clinicians currently practicing within your organization can be a fantastic resource, so enlist the help of your physicians. They are already invested in the success of your business and contributing to a positive, collaborative environment. During interviews, they can answer candidates’ questions about working at your facility or practice and the community. Additionally, involving your doctors in the recruitment process allows candidates to see the opportunity through an experienced—and satisfied—lens.
  4. Consider partnering with a full-service resource to help narrow your search. When looking to partner with an agency that offers locum tenens staffing and permanent placement services, be sure to choose one that also provides project and resource management services, such as Medicus Healthcare Solutions. This provides you with complete coverage if you find it necessary and presents you with more complete solutions for addressing staff shortages or other service line challenges. (For additional information, check out “What Facilities and Practices Should Ask Locum Tenens Staffing Firms.”)

Securing and retaining the services of skilled, quality physicians is essential to the success and future of your rural hospital or health system.

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