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Check out Chicago, Illinois

Whether you’re seeking some deep-dish pizza or hoping to explore the extensive art scene, you’ll find an outlet in this lively city. And, Optimum Permanent Placement happens to have a current medical position available. When you visit the area to explore relocation, visit one of the restaurants or attractions from our “top 10” list!

Goals for 2020

How to Make Your New Resolution a New Habit

Resolutions always begin with a positive outlook; however, maintaining that energy throughout the rest of the year is much more difficult. Here are three steps to help your New Year’s resolution come true…

Boat and mountain

4 Rewards of Practicing Rural Medicine

Due to the shortage of physicians in rural settings, over 60 million people struggle to gain access to healthcare each year. For some hospitals, a single physician’s retirement could mean an entire patient population doesn’t receive proper care. Although the reality seems dire, it also creates opportunities for physicians, especially those interested in exploring different parts of the country. If you’ve ever considered venturing to a new location to practice medicine, you should certainly consider going rural.

Niagara falls

Beloved Buffalo, NY: Our Top 10

Western New York may not jump to the top of your list, but Buffalo is a beloved city for a variety of reasons. If you’re seeking unabashed excitement, strong culture, and passionate people, Buffalo should make it to your relocation shortlist. As the second-largest city in the state, Buffalo is a mecca for culture, entertainment, history, and cuisine without all the urban frills of New York City. If you’re looking for a strong environment in which to put down roots, Buffalo is the place to be, not to mention that Optimum Permanent Placement has a current medical position available.

Calendar screen shot

6 Questions to Ask Your EHR Vendor

Since all electronic health records (EHR) are not created equally and there have been a variety of EHR technological developments that could help your organization, you may be tempted to upgrade your system. To help during your search, we’ve compiled six questions to ask when choosing the right system for your hospital or facility.

Phone with social icons

4 Do’s and Don’ts for Physician Social Media

Social media has a very real power to influence people’s perception of you. Not only could employers use it to screen you, but your patients are also more than likely Googling your name and seeking a variety of online resources to research your background. As a medical professional, it’s important to put your best foot forward—for a variety of reasons. Today, we’ve compiled some quick tips to help you make sure that your social media accounts can pass the screening test.

Man looking at watch

5 Tips to Eliminate No-Shows at Your Practice

No matter the cause, people who skip scheduled time with a provider not only sacrifice needed medical care, but also cause their clinician’s practice or facility to lose revenue. If you’re a manager, administrator, or another healthcare leader, you may be searching for a way to curb this behavior. Today, we share five tips to eliminate patient no-shows. You may find some to be a better fit for your practice, hospital, or clinic. However, using a combination of these strategies should lead to improvements in patient health and satisfaction as well as fewer no-shows at your organization.

Binghamton, NY

Best of Binghamton: Top 10 Spots

Binghamton, New York, combines family-friendly fun with a playground of possibilities for medical professionals. No matter your preference for hobbies, you’ll find it in this lively city. And, Optimum Permanent Placement happens to have a current medical position available. When you visit the area to explore relocation, visit one of the restaurants or attractions on our “top 10” list!

A Nurse Practitioner

5 Ways to Celebrate NP Week at Your Hospital, Medical Practice

National Nurse Practitioner (NP) Week—which provides opportunities for healthcare leaders and co-workers to formally recognize practicing NPs and their important contributions to medicine—officially began Sunday, November 10. As a hospital executive or practice manager, you have likely put something in place to show your NPs how much you value their dedication to and delivery of quality care.


Fast Facts for International Day of Radiology

On November 8, 1895, German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen captured the very first x-ray picture. Today, we’d like to celebrate with the rest of the world and help promote radiology’s unique contributions to modern medicine. Please enjoy the following “fast facts” honoring unique pieces of the specialty’s timeline and highlighting a few of its most significant milestones.